47th Annual Mexican War Streets House & Garden Tour

The Mexican War Streets House & Garden Tour is the oldest and finest house tour in the city of Pittsburgh. During the 47th annual event, held from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Sunday, September 11th, visitors will be treated to a leisurely, self-guided tour of homes and gardens throughout our historic neighborhood on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Homes on tour represent beautiful restorations and some that offer a glimpse behind the effort that goes into a work-in-progress. Every home is unique and expresses each homeowner’s personal taste and style. The House Tour will also showcase a midway of vendors and mobile eateries.

Online ticket sales have closed. Tickets are $20 per person on Tour Day at the ticket booth on Monterey Street at West North Avenue. If you have ordered tickets online, come to the ticket booth and check in; your tickets will be under the name of the person who placed the order online.


We have three lots reserved for parking. One is on Buena Vista Street and Eloise, right behind the Trinity Lutheran Church at 616 W North Ave.

The second is on the corner of Brighton Road and Jacksonia Ave. across the street from the Dollar Tree.

The third is a former hospital lot on Sherman Avenue, between W. North Avenue and Eloise.

Look out for the parking signs!

You can also park along the streets in the neighborhood and along W. North Avenue, as long as there are no permit parking signs.

Since our neighborhood is very small and parking can be limited, we would highly recommend taking Lyft or Uber so you don't have to worry about parking.

Here is a map of the area, for your reference; parking lots are marked accordingly.

See you there!