The Mexican War Streets Society board comprises community-minded individuals who believe in preservation and who want to maintain and promote the historic character of our beautiful neighborhood while engaging and supporting the community and our residents. The board is made up of executive officers and chairs.

The executive officers are the President, Vice president, Treasurer and Secretary. Chair positions comprise Preservation chair, Greenspace chair, Program chair, and Membership chair. Board members are elected every year at our annual holiday party in December. Any member of the Mexican War Streets Society who lives within the boundaries of the neighborhood can apply to serve on the board.

Our Board

President: Maggie Connor
Vice President: Michael Beigay
Treasurer: Kyle Schaffer
Secretary: Stephanie Johnston
Assistant Secretary: Mace Porac
Preservation Chair: Greg Mucha
Membership Chair: Michael Beigay
Program Chair: Danny Haas
Greenspace Chair: Garry Moorer
Chairs at Large: Lukas Bagshaw, Patricia Rogers, and Brittany Urban

Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with us, fill out the form below and one of our board members will get back to you.